Commercial Lighting Maintenance in Aventura FL

If you look closely, you will notice that your business is getting a little older every year. You will may notice that the lighting does not quite have the “wow” factor it used to. Do you know why?

Actually, nothing, but if you have not done the maintenance, the “wow” factor may have disappeared. So, how do you get it back? It is easy. You simply just do the lighting maintenance.

All you have to do is call us at Miami Electric Company. We are commercial lighting maintenance in Aventura, FL experts.

We bet you would like to know what is involved in the commercial lighting maintenance world.

Well, we are going to tell you. Get ready for the sparks to fly…

Commercial Lighting Maintenance In Aventura FL

Here are just a few things that can be done with commercial lighting maintenance..

  • Fluorescent Bulb Replacement
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Wallpack Service and Replacements
  • Retail and Commercial Office Space Lighting
  • Battery Back-Up Exit Sign and Emergency Lighting Replacement
  • Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Repair and Replacement
  • Industrial Lighting

You can do LED Upgrades as well…

LED bulbs produce light as soon as the electrical current is turned on. They are 75 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs and can last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours.

  • LED Lighting Replacement
  • LED Retrofits using Existing Light Fixtures

You can change the lighting as well. Here are the different lighting types…

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is used to spread overhead light over large areas. These are usually about four times more energy-saving than incandescent lamps. T12 Fluorescents are the most commonly used.

Incandescent lighting

Halogen lamps are often still used to light up retail products. Incandescent lighting technology. We recommend that offices and retail shops update their lighting to more energy-efficient options.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

CFLs use about 70 percent less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and last about 10 times as long as an incandescent. but due to how they work, they can take 30 seconds to 3 minutes to fully illuminate.

There is a lot more we can tell you about commercial lighting maintenance, but would we like to meet you and give you a quote instead. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Miami Electric Company is based out of Miami, FL. We are a commercial lighting maintenance in Aventura, FL experts and service other areas throughout Miami-Dade county.

Miami Electric – Wire Your Home Office for Better Productivity

Have you been working from home more recently? If you answered yes, you are not alone. You are also not the only person trying to figure out how to plug one more item into an outlet. After all, you need to keep your laptop charged to keep up at work. Thankfully, we can help you at Miami Electric Company wire your home office, so you can be more productive.

Miami Electric – Wire Your Home Office for Better Productivity


You can only plug two things into an outlet, unless you use an extension cord. Since extension cords are not that safe, you really should simply add more outlets to the space you are using as your home office. We can come out and install as many new outlets as you need to be productive in your home. We can even install USB outlets, so you are not using regular outlets to charge your other devices.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

Dedicated computer circuits are so much better for computers, because they offer additional safety features. Basically, when your computer is on this circuit, it won’t be affected if other appliances are drawing more power on other circuits.

We at Miami Electric Company want you to consider a surge suppressor. Having this item installed will protect your entire home from electrical surges and the damage they bring.

Hard Wired Internet Connection

Working from home means you are on the internet all the time. Unfortunately, wireless internet still brings issues that may have you dropping in and out of Zoom meetings. Of course, it doesn’t help that other family members are trying to use the same bandwidth you are.

In these scenarios, we recommend having a hard-wired internet connection installed for you to use for work. Yes, you will need to stay in one place when you are using this connection. But your productivity will go through the roof, because you won’t be constantly disconnected from the internet at the worst times.

Are you ready to implement changes in your home office, so you can be more productive? It is not that difficult to keep you plugged in and connected to the internet. We can have your new productive home office up and running in less than a day. Imagine enjoying working from home without the stress of whether or not you can get everything done. Contact us today at Miami Electric Company and let us show you what changes you should make to have a home office that works for you.

LED Motion Sensor Floodlight In Miami FYI

Are you looking for an LED motion sensor floodlight for your commercial or residential property in Miami? Great! We are here to help you.

There are several different types of LED lights available on the market with a range of features.

One of the most widely used types that are widely used in both commercial and residential settings are LED motion sensor flood lights often referred to as LED Security wall lights.  

Now that you know that, there are multiple options and choices of these lights. So let’s get to it..

What are LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights in Miami?

Good question. LED motion sensor floodlights, are lights that detect motion then turn on for a set period of time.

When an LED motion sensor light detects motion, it automatically switches on. After there is no motion for a particular period of time, it turns off or dims by itself.   Some people will call these security floodlights, because the motion is known to scare off potential burglars or thieves.

What else? The term flood used in the LED motion sensor floodlights indicates the area that will be ”flooded” with the light.

Basically, these lights use a wide beam angle for covering a larger area. This is good, because it will cover more than what is expected.

Why LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights in Miami Important?

There are numerous reasons why you need to rely on these extremely functional lighting products. Have a look at some of them:


The basic reason why these lights are installed is safety. This can prove to be helpful in preventing the cases of burglary and theft.

Coverage – An LED motion sensor floodlight can cover a wide area due to the wide beam angle they have. The greater area is covered by them, the more protection and safety they provide.

Long Life

As compared to other lighting products available on the market, LED motion sensor floodlights tend to have a longer lifespan.

Low Maintenance

LED lighting products are known as low maintenance lights as, unlike other types of lights, they do not require routine upkeep such as replacement bulbs or ballasts.


These lights tend to produce a brighter light as compared to other lighting products type. This makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

No Mercury

Most of the lighting products available i.e. high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, fluorescent bulbs etc. have mercury in them.

It is a toxic substance that is dangerous towards humans and animals. LED motion sensor floodlights do not contain even the tiniest amount of mercury. Hence, they are safe to people and the environment.


LED motion sensor floodlights do not emit ultraviolet radiations that can prove to be quite harmful. This particular feature of these lights also makes them suitable to be installed in different settings. Now that you are in the know about LED Motion Sensor Floodlights in Miami, let us help you install them. Just send us a message and connect with us.

Miami Electric Company is based out of Miami, FL and specializes in LED motion sensor floodlight installation in Miami.