Wire Your Home Office in Miami for Better Productivity

Have you been working from home more recently? If you answered yes, you are not alone. You are also not the only person trying to figure out how to plug one more item into an outlet. After all, you need to keep your laptop charged to keep up at work. Thankfully, we can help you wire your home office, so you can be more productive.

Wire Your Home Office in Miami for Better Productivity


You can only plug two things into an outlet, unless you use an extension cord. Wire Your Home Office in Miami for Better Productivity and install as many new outlets as you need to be productive in your home. We can even install USB outlets, so you are not using regular outlets to charge your other devices.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

Dedicated computer circuits are so much better for computers, because they offer additional safety features. Basically, when your computer is on this circuit, it won’t be affected if other appliances are drawing more power on other circuits.

You may also want to consider a surge suppressor. Having this item installed will protect your entire home in Miami from electrical surges and the damage they bring.

Hard Wired Internet Connection

Working from home in Miami means you are on the internet all the time. Unfortunately, wireless internet still brings issues that may have you dropping in and out of Zoom meetings. Of course, it doesn’t help that other family members are trying to use the same bandwidth you are.

In these scenarios, we recommend having a hard-wired internet connection installed for you to use for work. Yes, you will need to stay in one place when you are using this connection. But your productivity will go through the roof, because you won’t be constantly disconnected from the internet at the worst times.

Are you ready to implement changes in your home office in Miami, so you can be more productive? It is not that difficult to keep you plugged in and connected to the internet. We can have your new productive home office up and running in less than a day. Imagine enjoying working from home without the stress of whether or not you can get everything done. Contact us at Miami Electric Company today and let us show you what changes you should make to have a home office that works for you.