Commercial Generator in Miami Preventative Maintenance Tips

Have a new commercial business in Miami? Congratulations on your new business. Now that you are a business owner, you will want to make sure that you keep have a routine for preventative maintenance reasons. Your commercial generator in Miami is one of those things that is important to make sure you stay ahead of the game and in the game.

Storms surge a lot in Miami and the thing that will easy slow down your business is a generator that fails when you need it the most. That is why we at Miami Electric Company put together this a small checklist for you, so you have knowledge and know what’s up.

Are you ready? Here we go…

Commercial Generator in Miami Preventative Maintenance Tips

Generators should last 20 to 30 years, but only if it is properly maintained. Generators come in a multiple sizes and styles, and may or may not have all of these components that we listed here, but most have this. If you are unsure how to identify these components or perform these tasks, refer to the manufacturer product guide for components and essential maintenance tasks, or contact us at Miami Electric Company so you do not damage your generator and your electrical system.

Clean & Check The Battery
Batteries are the most common reason for emergency generator service. Battery terminals should be free of corrosion, connections tight, and batteries kept at full charge.

Perform a Thorough Visual Inspection Following Long Run Times
You should always visually inspect your commercial generator at least once a month.

Change Serviceable Parts
Serviceable parts, which effect performance and longevity, should be changed regularly, including air filter, fuel filter, spark or glow plugs.

Check Engine Oil Levels
A good engine runs better based on the engine oil level. Engine oil, integral to the efficiency and lifespan of your generator, must be checked and replaced regularly. Check cold or wait 10-minutes after operation. Do this whenever you add fuel, maintaining levels close to the ‘full’ mark – but do NOT overfill. Change oil after every 1,000 operating hours, keeping extra on hand for emergencies. This is important for commercial generators in Miami.

Inspect/Flush Cooling Systems
Cooling systems should be inspected and flushed according to manufacturer instruction. Check the catch/overflow tank to ensure adequate coolant levels. Also, check the  lines/connections for leaks.

Inspect Exhaust
The exhaust should also be inspected for any leaks and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Inspect Drive Belts
Inspect carefully for tears and cracks, replacing belts as necessary.

Attend Fuel/Water Separators (Diesel Units)
Check fuels levels regularly, draining water from fuel/water separators.

Inspect Fuel Supply Piping (Gas Units)
Look for leaks and damage, attending repairs ASAP.

Inspect the Alternator & Transfer Switch
Alternators producing good power need only a simple, visual inspection. For transfer switches, coordinate a planned outage during non-operating hours, checking by turning off power at the switch.

Clean & Clear Debris Surrounding Standby Generators
For non-portable models, clean the area surrounding the unit, ensuring debris and brush are clear for trouble-free operation. Also clean the generator itself. Keeping your generator clean and free of grease and grime will make it easier to spot leaks or issues before they become bigger problems for your commercial generator in Miami.

Run Regularly to Ensure Proper Operation
Generators should be regularly run at least 30 minutes once a month to lubricate the system, burn off moisture, and recharge the generator battery so your standby generator is up to the task when you need it. Ensure essentials, such as the sump pump are powered by generator operation.

Miami Electric Company specializes in maintenance and commercial generator installation in Miami. Also, If you are looking for a commercial electrician in Miami, we are experts. We service all areas in Miami. Give us a call today.