Repair or Replace Your Electrical Panel in Miami?

Your electrical panel is not something you want to mess with, because it is one of the leading causes of fires and other property damage.  Therefore, we do not recommend attempting to fix any part of your electrical panel on your own.  With that being said, you should at least know when you may need to have your electrical panel in Miami repaired or replaced. 

4 Things to Keep in Mind when There’s a Chance You Might Need to Repair or Replace Your Electrical Panel in Miami

  1. Flickering Lights

Do your lights flicker on occasion or do they get really dim before brightening back up?  If this is happening in your home, you probably need to have your electrical panel looked at.  Sometimes this can be fixed with minimal repairs, but more often than not a replacement is in order. 

  • Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breakers keep tripping, it means that your electrical panel does not have the capacity for the number of items you have plugged into that one spot.  An upgrade of your electrical panel will solve this problem for the future. 

  • Malfunctioning Circuit Breakers

If one of your circuit breakers should have tripped, or switched off, and didn’t, then it could be malfunctioning.  This can be very dangerous, because it can start a fire or other serious issue. 

  • Your Electrical Panel Feels Warm

Your electrical panel should never feel warm or even smell hot, so if it does at any time, you must call an electrician immediately.  Any time your electrical panel feels warm means that a fire could start in an instant.  It is best to have someone come out right away, so you and your family are safe.  These are four things to keep in mind when there is a chance your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced in Miami.  While some of these issues are minor, a couple are major and can have devastating results if you leave them alone.  If you have any concerns about your electrical panel, or simply want to have it looked at to ensure it is okay for your needs, just give us a call.  We are more than happy to inspect your electrical panel and make recommendations according to what we discover.  Hopefully, we won’t find anything, but if we do, we can fix it immediately, so you and your loved ones are safe inside your own home.