Electrical Wiring for Installing a Swimming Pool

Have a Miami Electrician Help You with These Electrical Wiring Requirements

With so many potential issues with electricity by swimming pools, we thought we should go over a few things with you. First, there are specific electrical codes we must follow in Miami when installing electrical wires around a pool. These codes mainly follow the National Electric Code. However, what many people don’t know is that these codes change almost every three years. Therefore, it is best to have your electrical around your pool inspected regularly to make sure you are still up to date with the codes.

Underground Wiring

Any underground wiring that you have near your swimming pool must be at least five feet away from your pool. You should never have electrical wires running under your pool.  Water and electrical wiring just do not mix well.

Outlet Receptacles

You are going to need outlet receptacles in place near your pool, so you can plug in your pump and motor. All your outlet receptacles near your pool should be at least twenty feet away from the pool and they must be GCFI outlets. You should also lock these outlets, so no one can try to tamper with them. If you have any non-GCFI outlets in your backyard, none of them should be within twenty feet of your pool.

Overhead Lines

While you may not have any choice of where any overhead lines are, it is best to have utility lines at least twenty-three feet above your pool. If you have communication lines over your pool, they should be at least ten feet. We prefer that swimming pools are not installed under overhead lines, because if a line snaps and falls into the water, the unthinkable can happen. These are many of the electrical wiring requirements you will need to follow when having a swimming pool installed in Miami this year. If you already have a pool, we recommend giving us a call, so we can make sure all your electrical is still up to code. This will allow you to make sure you are safe every time you go for a swim.

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