4 Projects A Miami Electrician Tackles

While we never recommend that anyone does their own electrical, we understand why you would like to tackle a few things on your own.  However, there are a few electrical jobs that you should always hire an electrician for.  There are many reasons as to why, but it is mainly for your own safety. 

4 Projects A Miami Electrician Handles

  1. Upgrading Your Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker is within your electrical panel and it is what is used to power everything in your home.  Most of the time, homeowners like yourself upgrade them, because they need more power for all the tech items in their home.  However, other people do the upgrade, because they are constantly dealing with blown fuses and flickering lights. 

  • Adding Any Type of Outlets

You may think that it is super easy to add any type of outlet to your home, especially if you are simply replacing one outlet with a newer one that has additional features like a USB port.  While it can be fairly simple, there is a chance that you will ground the wires the wrong way and that is a disaster waiting to happen. 

  • Adding Outdoor Lighting

We all know how important outdoor lighting is, but that doesn’t mean that you should attempt adding it all on your own.  It is imperative that you call an electrician, because they can make sure the wires are grounded for the outdoors.  Failure to do this can result in major issues, especially when it comes to water. 

  • Replacing Light Fixtures

Most of the time, replacing a light fixture can be fairly straightforward, but there are times when it is not as easy as it appears.  The amps needed for the new fixture, or the wattage, may be different than the old light fixture and that can cause a host of problems when you are trying to hook things back up. 

These are four projects a Miami electrician handles and that you should always call an electrician for, because not doing so can cause too many safety issues to count!  If you are ready to tackle some electrical projects mentioned above, or any others, give us a call today.  And, if you are unsure of whether or not you can do a different type of electrical project on your own, call and ask away.  Miami Electric Company will let you know if you can do it safely, or if it is better to have a professional work on it for you. 

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