3 Reasons to Replace those Two-Prong Outlets in Miami

Do You Still Have Two-Prong Outlets in Miami?  3 Reasons to Replace them Now!

When homes were constructed back in the 1920s, contractors only had two-prong outlets available to them.  There was nothing wrong with those outlets at the time, because we weren’t as dependent on electricity as we are now. 

However, fast forward a century and we rely on electricity to charge too many devices to count.  While you may not think you need too many three-prong outlets in your home, there are a couple reasons why you should replace those old two-prong outlets immediately. 

3 Reasons to Replace those Two-Prong Outlets in Miami Now

  1. Two-Prong Outlets are Not Grounded

Since a two-prong outlet is not grounded, you are going to be risking electrocution and even power surges if you keep them around.  The ground wire in the newer outlets prevent surges from occurring and keep you and your home safe, because it will trip the circuit breaker or blow the fuse before the surge can do any damage. 

  • Two-Prong Outlets are Not Up to Code

Did you know that two-prong outlets are not up to code?  According to the newest building codes, all new construction must have grounded outlets installed.  The code has even been recently updated to include the fact that the grounded outlets also must be GFCI if they are near water.  The GFCI will prevent electrical shock if water is anywhere near when a circuit is shorted. 

  • Two-Prong Outlets Do Not Meet the Electrical Needs of a Home

Many homes with two-prong outlets simply do not have the requirements that are needed for the electricity you use on a daily basis.  While those outlets will still allow you to plug something in, the massive amount of electricity running through will heat up the wires.  Those hot wires can cause a fire if you are not careful. 

It is not too difficult to replace two-prong outlets in your home.  Your easiest option is to simply replace the outlets with a three-prong outlet.  However, that will not solve all your safety concerns.  If you truly want your electrical needs met with safety in mind, you must hire an electrician and have them rewire your outlets and upgrade your electrical panel.  This is the only way you are ensured you can plug everything in your home in and have no problems at all. 

If you are finally ready to get rid of those two-prong outlets for good, give us a call and we will help you determine exactly what you need to keep your home safe and providing energy long into the future.