Miami Security System Installation

This is a very important subject as well. Your business must be protected. Thieves and robbers have gotten more sophisticated. Theft is on the rise and justice must be served!

At Miami Electric Company, we only want the best for you and for your business to be safe.

Here are a few options that we offer for security camera systems installation and repair…

Security Camera Installation Services

  • Security Camera Installation: We can make sure that your building is monitored at every angle with high-quality surveillance system installation.
  • Remote Monitoring Setup: This is the latest and the greatest in security camera installation in Miami. We will setup sensors as well.
  • Security Lighting: Security lights can ward away potential threats and alert security personnel well before a breach.
  • Security Alarms: Alarms are an essential aspect of a commercial security system, and we can design the ideal alarm system for your building.
  • Access Control: Granting access to your commercial building tenants and facility personnel is important. We can help you install the right access points, keys and entry solutions for your unique needs.

Miami Electrical Lightning Protection System

When it comes to running a successful and safe business, having a great lighting system is essential. The lighting system can easily make or break a business. There is so many factors involved.

That is why you need to have a great electrician company in Miami. You want your commercial business to thrive, not fail.

First let’s go over a few topics of services that we offer…

Miami Lighting Protection

Most commercial businesses will not think twice about this or even know what it is. This is basically to protect your business from lighting strikes and storms.

Bad weather is common, but just because there is a storm does not mean your business should shut its doors. When lighting strikes, we build a system to safely direct these strikes to the ground and not your business.

Here are few elements that we use to do this…

  • Lightning Arrestors: Arrestors protect your building’s wiring from damage during an electrical storm.
  • Main Conductors: Your main conductors run electrical discharge from the terminal to a safe ground.
  • Ground Terminations: These safely neutralize electrical currents.
  • Surge Suppression: In the event of an energy spike, surge suppressors prevent damage to the electrical components of your property.
  • Bonding Connections: Bonding connections link your system together and maintain a durable hold throughout.
  • Air Terminals and Lightning Rods: These terminals capture and redirect lightning.

And more!

Miami Parking Lot Light Services

We should not have to tell you twice about this subject. It is super important to make sure you’re your parking lot is well lit.

When it comes to making sure your parking lot is say, you need to make sure your parking lot lights are working. If your lights are flickering, we can help your repair your parking lights.

Part of making sure your parking lights can be repaired is making sure that they are durable and secure. You do not want to be replacing them. If you do need replacement, we offer that service as well. Our Miami Electric Company does it all!

Miami Parking Lot Light Replacement

This is a service that we love to do! You can have cool parking lot lights or have ordinary ones. The lights, either way define your business personality and add character.

We can customize your lights to automatically shut on and off or have that be controlled manually.

Here are a few services we off for parking lot lighting…

  • Repair Services: Parking Lot Light Repair
  • .Security Lighting: Great for enhancing the effectiveness of security cameras, motion-sensor lighting activates only when you need them most.
  • Timers: Automate turn-on and turn-off times with professional timed lighting systems.
  • Retrofit Lighting:Old parking lot lights can be unpleasant, inefficient and even dangerous. We can help you update your system with the latest in parking lot lighting.
  • LED Lighting: Give guests bright, comfortable lighting from the moment they step out of their vehicle to the moment they step into your business.
  • Security Lighting: Great for enhancing the effectiveness of security cameras, motion-sensor lighting activates only when you need them most.

And more!

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